Bamboo Propagation Technique

Caritas India Bamboo propagation at village

For every rural household in North East India, bamboos are a part of life. Bamboo finds its place in construction, furniture and flooring, handicrafts and a host of other things. Bamboo also has a considerable demand in the markets of the region. Bamboo plants are perennial which grow from rhizomes underground growths that form buds and culms. Propagating bamboo involves separating rhizomes from parent plants before they begin to sprout new growth in the spring.Caritas India Bamboo propagation

However, propagation of bamboos from the rhizome consumes labor as well as time-consuming as it involves the rhizome to be uprooted and transplanted. An easy and suitable process of propagating bamboo has found its popularity among the people in the region. Bamboo propagation is a simple technique that saves both time and labour as compared to the conventional system of propagation. The technique involves the following steps.

  • A freshly cut (4-5 feet) bamboo at least one-year-old (Propagation time is March-April)
  • The piece must be healthy and preferably from the middle part
  • In between the nodes, holes are made with the help of saw or machete.
  • The bamboo is then placed in 1.5 to 2 feet pit as per the length.
  • The holes are then filled fully with water and then close tightly.
  • The bamboo is then buried gently into the pit.
  • The soil above must be regularly moistened.
  • The germination of shoots take place within 15-20 days
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