Sunny is happy with Sustainable Farming

Caritas India sustainable farming

Mr. Sunny D’Souza, a farmer from Mangalore has 11 acres of land was practicing Chemical farming till 2004. The workshop on organic farming organised by Caritas India in Mangalore encouraged him to do organic farming in his land. Now he is not using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. He is very happy with the new (organic) agriculture practice as it fetches good income to his family. He is producing vermicopmpost, panchagavya, Jeeva jal, Gunapajalam, cytocine etc. to enrich the fertility of the soil and practicing mixed cropping. He is very much convinced with mulching, Jeeva Jal and mixed cropping.  Mr. Sunny D’souza is very grateful to Caritas India for helping him in achieving greatness with sustainable farming practices. He could learn a lot from the inputs from Caritas India trainings and was a great boost to practice organic farming. Now with his motivation, several farmers in Mangalore are shifting to organic farming. They have started a farmer’s cooperative named “Malanad Organic Farmers Association” and selling organic products. Several women farmers are now selling their organic products through organic outlets. He strongly believes that the consumption of organic products will improve the health situation of people. Since he has stated organic farming in 2004, he is trying to see changes in the health situation of his family.

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