Banana Trunk Nursery for Growing Vegetable Seedlings

Caritas India Banana trunk

Once banana is harvested, the plant is generally abandoned and left to die. However, this banana trunk could be used to grow vegetable seedlings. Banana trunk nursery technique is an easy and cost-effective process for promoting vegetable cultivation. It’s a zero-budget technology as the resources are easily available in rural areas. The process requires easily available dry cow dung, soil, and seeds. Several holes are made into the trunk and then the holes are stuffed with a mix of dry cow dung and soil.Caritas India Banana trunk seedling

After careful selection, the vegetable seeds are then gently pushed into the stuffed holes. The seeds don’t need watering frequently as the banana trunk supplies the required moisture. Once the seeds grow into seedlings, they gently transferred to the field along with the mother soil. The technique can be utilized in homestead gardens with ease. The technique also helps households with minimum space in their gardens. Banana trunk nursery can well be an option for smallholding farmers to grow vegetables.

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