Our Team


Management Position Email
Bishop Lumen Monteiro Chairman lumenmonteiro@gmail.com
Fr. Poly Varghese Executive Director paul@caritasindia.org
Fr. Jolly Puthenpura Assistant Executive Director jolly@caritasindia.org
Fr. Sushil Modi Administrative Manager sushil@caritasindia.org
Partner Support Services
Rajesh Upadhyay Head of Department (HoD) – Partner Support Services rajesh@caritasindia.org
M. Shimray Manager – Capacity Building & Strategic Plan Implementation shimray@caritasindia.org
Babita Alick Operations Manager babita@caritasindia.org
Samir Stephen Kujur Operations Manager samir@caritasindia.org
Catherine Kune Programme Officer – AVR catherine@caritasindia.org
Pramod Kumar Sharma Programme Officer – Micro Projects/CBR pramod@caritasindia.org
Anti-Human Trafficking & Migration
Leeza Thematic Manager leeza@caritasindia.org
Animesh Williams Programme Officer animesh@caritasindia.org
Emergency & DRR
Anjan Bag Manager – Technical – DRR anjan@caritasindia.org
Pooja Rana Asst. Manager – Technical – DRR pooja@caritasindia.org
Eshani Choudhury Officer – DRR eshani@caritasindia.org
Climate Adaptive Agriculture and Livelihood
Dr. Haridas. V.R Manager – Climate Adaptive Agriculture and Livelihood haridas@caritasindia.org
Dr. Pallab De Thematic Manager pallabde@caritasindia.org
Pradipta Kishor Chand Thematic Officer – East Zone pradipta@caritasindia.org
Tribal Development
Alexander Kerketta Thematic Manager – Tribal Development alexander@caritasindia.org
Information and Technology
Amit Shee Manager – Information and Technology amit@caritasindia.org
Human Resource
Meena Minj Manager – Human Resource meena@caritasindia.org
Public Relations & Communications
Patrick Hansda Manager – Documentation and Publications patrick@caritasindia.org
Resource Mobilisation
Jenny Joy Officer – Resource Mobilisation jenny@caritasindia.org
Administrative Finance
Bobby Koshy Manager – Administrative Finance bobby@caritasindia.org
Programme Finance
K.R. Sebastine Manager – Programme Finance krsebastine@caritasindia.org
East Zone
Asha Rosealine Ekka Zonal Manager ashaekka@caritasindia.org
Bablu Sarkar State Officer – West Bengal bablu@caritasindia.org
Nutan Sogoria State Officer – Odisha nutan@caritasindia.org
Erose Kujur State Officer – Jharkhand erose@caritasindia.org
Mukul Gomes Zonal Finance Officer mukul@caritasindia.org
West Zone
Dr. Saju M.K. Zonal Manager saju@caritasindia.org
Melvin Pangya State Officer – Maharashtra melvin@caritasindia.org
Nirmal Minj State Officer – Gujarat nirmalminj@caritasindia.org
Joseph Fonseca Zonal Finance Manager joseph@caritasindia.org
Northeast Zone
Jonas Lakra Zonal Manager jonas@caritasindia.org
Prabal sen State Officer – Northeast prabal@caritasindia.org
Albinus Kujur Zonal Finance Officer albinus@caritasindia.org
South Zone
Sobha Jose Operation Manager – Kerala sobha@caritasindia.org
Dr. John Arokiaraj Thematic Manager – Dalit Rights & Development arokiaraj@caritasindia.org
Peethala Usha State Officer – Andhra Pradesh pusha@caritasindia.org
Robert D’Souza State Officer – Karnataka robert@caritasindia.org
Siby Paulose Programme Officer – Ashakiranam siby@caritasindia.org
Abeesh Anthony Programme Officer – Ashakiranam abeesh@caritasindia.org
Amal Sebastian Programme Officer – Ashakiranam amal@caritasindia.org
North Zone
Praveen Chandra State Officer – Bihar praveen@caritasindia.org
Simon Peter Minz State Officer – Uttar Pradesh simon@caritasindia.org