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Advanced Volunteer Management Training

On the 16th and the 17th of January 2020, Caritas India organised an Advanced Volunteer Management Training in Pune, Maharashtra. The training was part of the European-Asian partnership for building capacities in Humanitarian Action II (PEACH-2) programme. The PEACH-II project envisages to contribute to the organizational and technical capacities of Caritas member organizations in Asia to widen their effectiveness and efficiency in humanitarian aid

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Caritas Samaritans trained on Caritas India Lenten Campaign

Caritas India has been passionately and persistently building volunteers for the past one year. Identifying and engaging volunteers have been one of the focal activities. As the new strategic year began in the year 2018, reaching out to the masses with the key strategic pillars approach have been commonly identified. Engaging stakeholders from different communities to volunteer for the development of society and creating changemakers have been the

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Women in Agriculture

Agriculture in rural communities define as ancestral tradition, social relations and gender-inclusive roles. Women in the agricultural sector, whether through traditional means or as an agricultural labourer, represents a significant role. As key players in the field of agriculture and those in charge of ensuring adequate nutrition for their families, rural women are at the centre of this challenge. Rural women are responsible for the integrated

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Child Leaders from Indian Villages represent India in the core team of an Asia Forum – CRIA

“It was in September 2019, when for the first time I stepped out of my small village in Purnea district, Bihar and traveled to participate in CRIA workshop in Delhi. Fearful, shy but still curious to see what I would learn, I participated in the workshop and learned a lot. This time I feel lucky and proud to be part of  CRIA  as the Core team member”; said Bharti; a girl from the Musahar Community( Mahadalits- most marginalised as they fall

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They decide who, what, where: The real empowerment process to design their own development

“You cannot waltz into a community and fix the world…. no matter how well you can dance” are the words of Melinda Jurd, a speech pathology student doing an elective on community engagement. This is the basis of the bottom-up model of social development theory which promotes participation in community-wide discussions, improves opportunities to learn, and the sense of empowerment that comes with the knowledge to accomplishing the stated and

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“From now on ……..we will awake and restore the lost dignity”

Assam produces more than 50 percent of tea production in India but the tea plantation workers hardly get the share of their labour and lives in complete deprivation and misery. Somehow they have compromised with their extreme condition and feel that they could never come out of this situation. Tea plantation workers of Kalain zone in the Cachar district of Assam are living in this situation for generations. They work from dawn to dusk every day,

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Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture

Food security is not only about the quantity of food which we consume, but it is also about the quality and diversity of nutritious food at all times to meet the dietary need to lead a healthy life. Nutrition insecurity aggravates to the deaths of almost 10 million people each year and affects one billion people’s health. Malnutrition, often called the hidden hunger can lead to life-threatening illnesses. Traditionally, nutrition security has been

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Caritas India prepares communities for disasters

Last year, India received the heaviest monsoon rainfall in the 25 years. The monsoon which normally begins in June and ends by September delayed its retreat and sparked floods which killed more than 200 people. India has experienced increasingly extreme weather conditions in the last decade. A debilitating heat wave in the summer coupled with delayed monsoon led to the drought-like situation in several parts of the country. One side Metropolitan

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