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Human Trafficking, “the most heinous crime” should be controlled at Indo-Nepal Border: Akshayvar Lal Gaur, MP

“Though Indo-Nepal border is long, but Members of Parliament has discussed several times to put fencing at the border to stop illegal infiltration and human trafficking”, said Akshayvar Lal Gaur, Member of Parliament from Bahraich. He was speaking at the Indo Nepal Stakeholder Meeting organized by Caritas India to End Human Trafficking. Calling it as "most heinous crime", he said such illegal activities should be controlled at the Indo-Nepal

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“I was glad to know that we still haven’t given up the spirit of helping” – Caritas Samaritan shares his experience

The news of Caritas India building volunteers brought a new hope in me that I will be learning something new. During Kerala Flood 2018, I was working to help the flood victims. Sadly, I was stuck in a house with six injured people for four days. During those days one of the injured passed away in front of me due to heavy nose bleeding. It was that moment when I decided that I will train myself in first aid to prevent such incidents in the future.

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Following Core Humanitarian Standards for Agrarian Prosperity

‘Community participation is a prerequisite for successful projects’, with this objective Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund (SCIAF) made a visit to understand how well the standards are applied in the SCIAF funded program and how well they are applied and are reflected in the partners policy, systems and culture. SCIAF visited Caritas India Agrarian Prosperity Programme in Jharkhand to understand the policies, processes, procedures and

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Why I aspire to be a volunteer

“Someday I aspire to lead the community in dialogue with the government stakeholders on issues critical to the development of my village”, remarks 20-year-old Sharad. The eldest of three siblings, Sarad, and his family struggled to make ends meet at the remote hamlet of Dimprepankal. Their situation worsened when at the tender age of 16, Sarad’s father deserted their family compelling him to take up odd jobs. However, in 2018, things took

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Thulir Cluster Programme Review – An occasion for celebrating achievements

Tamil Nadu has historically been an agricultural state that is majorly dependent on the river water and monsoon rains. It also leads in the production of other crops such as banana sugarcane, cotton, kambu, corn,  groundnut and oil seeds apart from paddy. A combination of factors such as increasing industrialization, urbanization, housing activities, and infrastructure development triggered the conversion of agricultural land for non-agricultural

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Empowered Bihar woman stride to fight against corruption

Shobha would have never imagined that she would ever raise her voice against the corrupt Government Officer to defend her right. The leading active members of Parwati Self Help group from Koinda Village of Chaurdargah Panchayat at Sheikhpura, Bihar has learned these traits since the time she participated in the Caritas India’s Saksham programme which works for the socio-economic and political empowerment of the marginalised smallholder farmers

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ECHO supported flood recovery project launched at Assam

Caritas India officially launched its flood recovery project in Lakhimpur district on 19th September. Supported by ECHO (European Union Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid), the project is implemented by a consortium comprising of 3 humanitarian agencies, led by ADRA, Christian Aid and Caritas India. The consortium has been convened to provide immediate assistance to the victims of the devastating monsoon floods covering the states of Assam and

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Leading the Path: Journey from a Para Worker to a Lead Trainer

Progressive farmer Nagina Bee has not used chemical fertilisers on her 2.5 acres farm for the last three years and working to improve the soil health by integrating nutrient and bio pest repellents from her own farm waste. Not only her harvest has increased but the input cost has drastically reduced by adopting these farming practices. She gathered the knowledge about preparation of botanicals & bio pest repellents from the Caritas India SAFBIN

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