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[widget id="text-20"][catlist numberposts=20 name=safe-migration] [widget id="text-21"] TIMELINE: Duration: 1 years; Date of Inception:1st September 2018; Date of End: 31st August 2019 The main objective of the programme or the goal is to Vulnerable children and communities will have greater resilience towards the negative impact of natural disasters in Sundarban. Sundarbans region in South Bengal, is highly vulnerable to floods, embankment erosion

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World Day of Prayer, Reflection & action against Human Trafficking

The International Labor Office estimates that there are approximately 25 million men, women, and children subjected to labor or flesh trafficking worldwide. It is important to understand how to prevent and recognize incidents of human trafficking within your own community. February 8th is the Feast of St Josephine Bakhita, a Sudanese nun, who as a child had the traumatic experience of being a victim of human trafficking. St Josephine Bakhita, also

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Timely advice saved Viraat’s life

Little Viraat, who lives in a remote village of Maidarani in the Khalwa Block of Maharashtra, infamous for malnutrition deaths of children in the State. Viraat bears all the signs of MAM – drastic weight loss, weakness, and lethargy. During one of the weighting festivals, NHW confirmed that the child is in the moderate category Moderate acute malnutrition (MAM). It is a health status also known as wasting and is defined by a weight-for-height indicator

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Saving Seeds… Saving Culture…

Since we learned to prepare local seeds out of production, we (all members) stopped buying costly seeds from the market and by using our local seeds we found this to be more resilient and require less irrigation and other cultural practices as compared to the hybrid/ high yielding seeds. I personally would like to thank SAFBIN, Caritas India and JDSSS for their concern to make us enable us to restore these seeds for our food and nutritional security.

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Caritas India continues its mission of building volunteers

On the 11th and 12th of February 2020, Caritas India organised an Advanced Volunteer Management capacities in Humanitarian Action II (PEACH-2) programme at the NBCLC, Bangalore. The PEACH-II project envisages to contribute to the organizational and technical capacities of Caritas member organizations in Asia to widen their effectiveness and efficiency in humanitarian aid and volunteer management. The training was facilitated by Caritas India for

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Hands-on experiential skill in livestock management helped to get a Government Job

Pema Lepha grew up in the Toong Naga GP, North Sikkim district, was still in his adolescence when his father died. he had to drop his dream of pursuing higher secondary to support the family and education of his sisters. Toong Naga GP was selected by Caritas India to enhance the adaptive mechanism of the communities to disaster through Improving Disaster Risk Reduction Environment (IDRRE) and policy advocacy programme. The programme conducted various

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Agroecology became the way of life for Small Farm Producers

Integrated farming system (IFS) is a process of change in the farming practices to maximise the farm production while taking care of optimal utilisation of existing farm resources in an integrated manner while reducing the input cost and build connections among the existing farm components suited to the given agro-climatic conditions and socio-economic status of small-farm families. Increase in production is necessary but not enough alone to deal

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“A way that changed my perception towards agriculture”: Raju Patel

It is widely accepted that the poorest are excessively vulnerable to climate change and the least capacity to adapt. There is an urgent need for effective means to enhance the adaptive capacity of agricultural communities which is defined as the ability of a system (human or natural) to adjust (including climate variability and extremes) to moderate potential damages, to take advantage of opportunities and to cope with the consequences. Raju Patel

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