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Caritas India Launches the Kerala Rebuilding Programme amidst International Volunteers Day Celebrations

#EUAidVolunteers: 600 volunteers pledged to contribute half an hour a day for social work and to work for the benefit of the society 6th December, 2018 marks yet another benchmark in Caritas India’s 56 years of service to the society. In partnership with EU Aid Volunteers, CI celebrated the International Volunteers Day in Kerala at POC, Kochi, in a one-of-a-kind programme that was graced by KCBC bishops, DSSS Directors and staff and nearly 600

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Exchange of Disaster Risk Reduction & Volunteerism experiences for cross learning

Caritas India took part in a 3-day Disaster Risk Reduction and Volunteering workshop held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia from the 27-29th November facilitated by Caritas Romania. The exchange was part of the European-Asian partnership for building capacities in Humanitarian Action- II, and saw member organisations from Nepal, Mongolia, Philippines, Myanmmar, Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Austria and Australia in attendance. The objective of the exchange

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Launching of SAFBIN in Madhya Pradesh

Manav Vikas Seva Sangh in collaboration with Caritas India Launched Smallholder Adaptive Farming and Biodiversity Network (SAFBIN) launched in Vidisha and Sagar Districts of Madhya Pradesh on Friday, November 30 and Saturday, December 1, 2018. The Smallholder Adaptive Farming and Biodiversity Network (SAFBIN) aims to improve the food and nutritional security of small farmers is inspired by the achievements and mutual learning process of the Caritas

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Introduction of Korku TLM increased attendance in Anganwadis

It has been rightly said that elementary education is the foundation of obtaining cognitive, social, emotional and cultural development among children. Moreover, if such education is provided in local language through Anganwadis (village creche) or elementary schools, this can help to build interest among the children towards education. In rural areas, Anganwadi is an important health and nutrition centre for women and children. Not only Anganwadi

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People march to stop unsafe migration

Europe is a prominent destination for people around the world to get better jobs and better life opportunities. People from different countries flocks in high numbers every year to get under the EU flag. Apart from cultural challenges, there is more truth in this. A large number of Indians migrate to Europe with good education and skills on work visas but there is a section of people who stay there without any visa or documents and face difficult

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Cyclone Gaja leaves a trail of destruction in Tamilnadu

Severe cyclonic storm 'Gaja' has devastated the Tamilnadu delta on November 15 and the early hours on November 16, affecting 12 districts of the state. Predominantly agrarian belt of the state has seen flat coconut farms all over.  60-80% of all coconut trees in the region is destroyed by the cyclonic storm and wind. One of the most affected Thanjavur Diocese through Thanajvur  MSSS has reached out to 5000 families in 126 villages under 12 blocks

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Cyclone Titli victims received much needed WaSH & Shelter Support

Winds of more than 126 kmp/h hit Gopalpur of Odisha between 0430 and 0530 hours IST on 11th October 2018 causing heavy damage worth Rs. 2,200 crores according to the Government assessment. Houses worth Rs. 150 crore and as per input subsidy crops amounting to Rs. 233 crore were damaged. Caritas India team present in the field went to the most affected villages where no NGOs and Government people have reached. The assessment was done with the help

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Networking for a common cause

India has the highest population of hungry people. As per the hunger statistics, every year 25 lakhs and every day around 7000 people die due to hunger. It is also evident that majority of people i.e. 70 percent of the world’s poorest people live in rural areas and almost 50 percent of hungry people belong to small farm families. There are 121 million agricultural land holdings out of which 99 million belong to small & marginal farmers with

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