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Road to Anganwadi Centre reestablished in Sitamarhi

Villagers from Sitamarhi in Bihar has worked for four days and nights to construct Bamboo Bridge to connect the village with Anganwadi so their children can access the rural childcare center. The only Anganwadi center in the village used to access by 80 children, but due to waterlogging even the Anganwadi sevika were restricted to access the Anganwadi center. This year the flood has claimed 130 deaths in northern districts of Bihar. As per the District

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Caritas India expresses solidarity to the poor by observing the International Day of Charity

“Humanity is the best charity”. Charity is helping others, giving to the poor and yes it starts from home. Caritas India the social work wing of the catholic church in India has been dedicatedly working for the poor and upholding the mission of charity since its inception. On the day of International Day of Charity, Caritas India remembered the poor through a short prayer and reflection and committing every member of Caritas India family for

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Communicators meet at Caritas Asia to draft the Strategy

Communicators from 14 Asian countries were gathered for a workshop by Caritas Asia to develop the Communication strategy for the next two years. Caritas Asia is one of the seven Regional Offices under the Confederation of Caritas Internationalis to serve and support the Member Organizations in the region in the achievement of their mission, in conformity and under the guidance of the local and universal Church, and in line with the decisions and

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Caritas India was out there to support Karnataka Flood Victims

Karnataka was once again in need of urgent humanitarian crisis due to devastating floods that have taken almost 49 lives and destroyed nearly 15000 houses in Belgaum District alone.  Nearly 600 relief camps or temporary shelters were opened in different parts of the district. Belgaum Diocesan Social Service Society (BDSSS, Belgaum), the social arm of Belgaum Diocese, has started its immediate response to the Northern Karnataka floods by providing

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Bursting the Myths of Menstrual Health and Hygiene

Menstruation is still considered taboos in some cultures and girls suffer from bullying, discrimination and social exclusion due to this inaccurate social belief. 70% of all reproductive diseases in India are caused by poor menstrual hygiene – it can also affect maternal mortality. It is frequently found that girls are ashamed of talking about their menses majorly due to lack of proper awareness and education. The society has set the rules for

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Contribution of rural women in integrated farming system (IFS) is recognised through SAFBIN

India is predominantly an agriculture-based country. Around 70% of the people are depending on agriculture and allied activities in rural areas in India. Women occupy an important place in Indian societies. They are endowed with versatile qualities. With the change in time, the role of women in society also started changing. Their initiative to accept challenges to meet her personal needs, needs of her family to become economically independent. Economic

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Let’s grow it back again!: Caritas Nagaland Samaritans lead the poster awareness program

The recent fire in the Amazon forest in Brazil had created a panic in every part of the world. Trees being the main source of oxygen, preserving and planting more trees should be the most important agenda on any social workers mind. Volunteerism is another form of contributing towards preserving our environment. Caritas Nagaland Samaritans initiated the campaign “Save Trees” in Jalukie district. Jalukie is the Commercial hub of Peren district,

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Caritas India handed over newly constructed houses to the Kerala Flood affected families

It was a great day for Caritas India to cherish forever being instrumental to do the dedication of 10 houses to the flood-impacted 10 families from Varappuzha and Kadmakkudi Panchayaths in Ernakulam districts in Kerala by Ernakulam Social Service Society (ESSS) on August 27, 2019. This was one of the greatest moments in the Athijeevan programme to see tears of joy  in eyes of the beneficiaries by facilitating the linkages through an effective networking

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