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Rohit was saved: the war is against malnutrition

Sabal team has helped more than 5000 children survive severe acute malnutrition in the past 3 years. Every child who survives malnutrition and every family who restored their faith that malnutrition is reversible has an important story to share. During 2017 nutritional survey, Rohit 1.3 years was found to be losing weight at an alarming pace and has become susceptible to illness due to poor nutrition, hygiene and financial instability. His deteriorating

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Promoting livelihood Diversification among Marginalized Farmers in Koshi Region

Every year, flood destroys agriculture, livestock, and fishing, inputs and production capacity of the people living in the Koshi and Ganges plains. Flood in the region has become the annual feature and it grasps the major attention of different stakeholders. Sustaining livelihood for the people is a challenge. Caritas India initiated a programme 'Building Resilient Livelihood for Communities In Koshi And Ganges Flood Plains' focussing on livelihood

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Musahars from districts of Saharsa and Madhepura engage in empowering dialogues with District Officials at Stakeholder Consultation

“Why is that we do not get any benefits of Government schemes. These schemes are for us only and whenever we go to enquire, the officers do not respond well and asks for documents. What shall I do?” asked Rukmani Devi (name changed), a member from the mothers' group at Gwalpara Block of Madepura district. “Many members of our community still do not have access to ration cards despite having the dire need and many do not receive widow pension,”

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Uttoran, Ujjivana and Ujjwala program paves the way to increase organic family farming

The recent Uttoran, Ujjivan and Ujjwala , U 3  Joint review meeting highlighted the efforts done by farmers to increase organic farming in the States of West Bengal, Karnataka, and Telangana State. As a part of its drive to increase organic farming, State partners are focusing on increasing production of some aromatic rice, millets, and seasonal vegetables among small and marginal farmers. Rt. Rev. Bishop Vincent Aind, Bishop of Bagdogra in his

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Livelihood restored for Andhra Pradesh Flood victims

The major portion of Andhra Pradesh state is surrounded by the river Godavari and Bay of Bengal Sea. The rains at the upper region will cause floods in the state frequently. East and West Godavari districts which are severely affected by the heavy downpour during July to September 2019 monsoon which triggered the floods, lead the destruction is such as death tolls, house destruction, and crop damage and loss of livelihood to the  Weaker communities

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International Conference on Church Response to trafficking and unsafe migration

Two days International conference was organized in Yangon, Myanmar on 24 & 25th January 2020 to discuss on how the church can engage effectively in addressing the most heinous crime against humanity. The Conference brought together the different church agencies like Santa Marta Group, Caritas Internationalis, International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC), Section on Migrants and Refugees from Dicastery on Integral Development to discuss

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Caritas Germany delegate visited BMZ supported Malnutrition programme in Madhya Pradesh

Martina Aphunn from Caritas Germany, the largest welfare association in Germany and one of the leading funding partners of Caritas India made her visit to the Caritas India Sabal programme supported by German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Martina is recently appointed to look after the Caritas Germany and BMZ supported programmes implemented by Caritas India. This visit can be seen to develop a strong understanding

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Caritas Samaritans trained on Humanitarian Response

On the 27th and the 28th of January 2020, Caritas India organised an Advanced Volunteer Management capacities in Humanitarian Action II (PEACH-2) programme. The PEACH-II project envisages to contribute to the organizational and technical capacities of Caritas member organizations in Asia to widen their effectiveness and efficiency in humanitarian aid and volunteer management. The training was facilitated by Caritas India for its partners from North

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