Wisdom of Life

Peace Building



Peace and security are indispensable pillars for sustained development. Peacebuilding calls for cooperation and coherence among actors and focuses on three crucial areas – context, partnership, and accountability. The crux is to educate people and making them conscious and concerned about peace for social justice, cooperation, and self-reliance. It is a long-term and collaborative process that involves changes in attitudes, behaviours, and norms. It aims to resolve conflicts, build societies, institutions, policies, and relationships that are better able to sustain peace and justice.The paradigm of peacebuilding revolves around empowering local communities to initiate and sustain their own peace and humanisation process. This can also be realised by building up partnerships and alliances to encourage forces of peace and promoting a framework of cultural humility that helps individuals to be tolerant of other ideas and culture, promoting peace clubs in schools and communities.





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