Jaiveek Pathshalaa

Caritas India Jaiveek Pathshalaa

Farmers in many of the target villages are vulnerable to the fragile ecosystem, lack of access to inputs, appropriate technology and access to the market. Conventional farming has been followed for more than two decades, which usually has deleterious effects on the soil fertility due to imbalance and improper use of agrochemicals leading to a gradual soil decline as well as in the agriculture productivity coupled with the increase in the cost of crop production only. Taking the above-mentioned problems into cognisance, Agrarian Prosperity Program, Palkot initiated jaiveek pathshalaa through organising on-farm orientation training program for women farmers, where 21 women farmers participated and privileged to learn on things with the help of biological process and specially work with living organisms involving large scale application of biosystems for economic and efficient bio-processing of material to produce value-added bio-products where, earthworms producing a by-product called vermi Compost. Farmers’ were also privileged to prepare a vermi bed during the practical exercise and know more about the key benefit of Vermicompost such as it increases the water holding capability & microbial activity in the soil, higher nutrient levels and availability of those nutrients to the plant, increased decomposing of residuals, increased Humus level, less compaction leading to better-aerated soils and decrease in plant and soil susceptibility to pest and disease.

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