Community Based rehabilitation of families living with HIV/AIDS


TIMELINE: July 2013 – June 2016

The Caritas India baseline study findings have revealed that the slums in East Delhi comprise most number of migrant population, who are mostly unorganized sector workers affected with and also vulnerable to contraction of HIV/AIDS.While the country’s capital caters to work requirements of the workers/labourers, it does not assure provision of basic amenities to migrants. They end up settling in slums, colonies or sites, easily distinguishable by physical characteristics of polluted and filthy surroundings, heavily compromised, if not totally devoid, basic services and amenities. The Community Based Rehabilitation of Families living with HIV/AIDS programme aims to reduce HIV /AIDS related morbidity and mortality together with socio-economic rehabilitation of families living with HIV/AIDS.

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  • Inclusive and participatory rehabilitation of 3155 family members of 1396 PLHIV/AIDS through social and economic empowerment by Income Generational Activities.
  • Narrowing of the social and financial gaps through financial inclusion of the members of the newly formed SHGs under banking benefits. This has automatically resulted in increased purchasing capacity among the beneficiaries that further help them priorities their needs.
  • By way of being congregated into SHGs, participating in programmes and meetings, older girls and women have become articulate and confident in voicing out their concerns and resolving them. The process has also enhanced their mobility.
  • Awareness generation through Information Centres has benefitted people in accessing information related to HIV/AIDS, various preventable infections of communicable diseases and health hazards like dengue. This has encouraged people and older children from schools to adopt healthy lifestyle, and healthy attitude towards sex and sexuality.
  • Strengthening the members of Self Help Groups in responding to issues of alcoholism; domestic violence and use of contraception etc, in addition to other local issues.