Watch | From Temples to Toilets – Pujya Swami Chidananda.

We need to move from temples to toilets. To pollute the water is a green crime – it is violence – let sanitation and meditation go together. Service should be based on need and not based on religion.

Creator – God is the first volunteer – with no discrimination – no vacation – we sleep but he breathes for us- he insures us – with no premium. God charges no fees – you close your eyes and he is there. I come from the Ganga – where I see people dump garbage – but she flows with no complaint – what a great volunteer – she keeps flowing – every evening in the banks of ganga – when we chant – we pray for all – not for me, but for all.

If you cannot go to mosque, masjid or church sometimes, become a volunteer – give your service.

Dy. Director said – Caritas India’s desire is to include every person of goodwill. Expand volunteer base from 20k to a million in the next five years– we want to create a movement. We want to be a learning organization gathering wisdom from the past and the present.