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Let not the Vision waver from Eradication to Reduction of Child Labour

India is home to 39% child population which is the largest child population in the world (Census 2011). The Indian Constitution ensures the right of all children 6-14 years to free and compulsory education and prohibits child labour for which it has put in place the required policy frameworks and laws.  Despite the laws, country is grappling with multidimensional factors that push children to join workforce prematurely. Eight million children were

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Community Transformation through Children

During any disaster, Children and youth are the most vulnerable. However, they have their own potential and perspective to reduce the risk of disasters in the community. Pulliyur is a remote village in Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu, which was severely affected during 2015 Tamil Nadu floods. With a population of 1162 people, 249 belonged to the Dalits section. Caritas India provided humanitarian assistance to 333 families during the

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