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TIMELINE: Date of Inception: Couldn’t get it (GB Data I am not convinced).

To contribute to strengthening community institutions, enhancing community preparedness & response for disaster mitigation, promoting livelihood opportunities for vulnerable population including people with disabilities.

Developing the capacities of the vulnerable groups (youth, women and children) and sensitizing communities and leaders on the need for risk reduction in disaster prone areas through effective preparedness and mitigation activities could minimize the impact of future potential hazards.

The 2014 disaster in J&K are witness of unplanned, unorganized and lack of mitigation plan by the Disaster Management department. Caritas India ECO- DRR – SHRIKAT program planned to implement with 4 major districts of J&K state to minimize the risk of disaster and make a resilient community. The program covers 4 districts with 30 villages with more than 5000 people who are close to river Jhelum, Dal Lake and Woller Lake. Within the communities itself, women and children have minimal access to resources and services and hence lack alternative coping options. The level of awareness, information, capacity building and affordability to access their rights is very less. Even the well-organized and cohesive societies couldn’t withstand the expanding flood waters, let alone the unorganized and vulnerable communities that bore the maximum brunt of this calamity. The existing socio-political scenario of Kashmir further puts the communities at risk.

Implementing Partners:

  • 1. CSSS (Catholic social service society).
  • 2. HDS (Hope disability center).
  • 3. JKASW (Jammu & Kashmir Association of Social workers).

Geographical Reach: Four district in J & K they are:

  • 1. Anantnag.
  • 2. Srinagar.
  • 3. Pulwama.
  • 4. Bandipora.

Demographic Reach:

Sl. No Content Total
1 Total Number of villages 30
2 Total Number of Gram Panchayat 0 (but in my document it is 18)
3 Total Number of Blocks 6
4 Total Number of Districts 3 (I think it is 4)
5 Total Covered Population 49942
6 Total Households 5849 (in my document it is 8669)
7 Male & Female (population) 27253 & 22689

Source: GB Data
Kindly note: No sure about the data b’coz different document give different data

Highlights of the Programme:

  • Village development institutions /committees are functional and actively engaging in disaster risk reduction and development.
  • Formation and strengthening of CBOs & Orientation of CBOs on government schemes.
  • Communities have improved their preparedness and response mechanism.
  • Training on Disaster management at village level to the youth groups and CBOs.
  • School safety program for the children in target and adjoining villages.
  • Training to the youth group and CBOs on emergency management (early warning, rescue, relief, and first aid).
  • Programme is also listing indigenous livelihood resilient practices with the community.
  • Resilient Livelihood enhancement of youth and women in stressed areas.
  • Orientation on livelihood skills and entrepreneurship development to youth and women groups.
  • People will receive orientation on financial inclusion- about various govt. policies, banking, credit and savings.
  • Target group (Youth, women & people with disability) will receive orientation on entrepreneurship development; Skill development opportunities and linkages.


  • Youth are active in groups and started taking proactive actions for income generation through livelihood enhancement (based on the local available resources).
  • Linkages established with Entrepreneurship Development Institute, Banks etc. for new livelihood.
  • Resilient enterprise developed.