Joint action to roll out Caritas India Strategic Plan in dioceses

Caritas collaborates with 14 Regional Fora in the country. All these Regional Fora are supported in some way or the other through projects and knowledge and capacity building efforts by Caritas India and CRS as a joint initiative.  Currently, 14 Regional Fora are being supported with a project each which is mean for capacity building, networking, building Linkages, liaising and coordination work. Caritas India in her meeting with the Regional Fora Chairmen and Regional Fora Directors in 2018 have decided that Caritas India and CRS will ensure closer accompaniment to Regional Fora which will be done in various ways by Caritas representatives, the Zonal Managers/ CRS Representative, etc.

Caritas India has developed a new Strategic plan 2018-2023 and the same has been shared and disseminated with all the Diocesan Directors of Social Work and Regional Fora Directors in our National Assembly held in October 2018. As part of it roll out Caritas and Regional Fora have decided to jointly organise Trainings on Caritas India Strategic Plan with special focus to Key strategic Pillars (KSP) and Catholic Social Teaching (CST) which is the Core values and foundation of Caritas India and disseminate the Strategic plan with all major stakeholders in India. This is being carried out since Jan 2019 and is being done region wise. So far 7 Regional Fora have jointly organised with Caritas India and Delhi, Kerala and Tamil Nadu regions were the ones to organised at the beginning of the year 2019.

As part of strengthening the Strategic plan rollout pan India, Caritas India has recently organised Training on Caritas India Strategic Plan with special focus to Key strategic Pillars (KSPs) and Catholic Social Teaching (CST) for Regional Fora Co-ordinators with the purpose of building their capacity as they will drive the initiatives in their respective region along with the Regional Fora Directors. The training was held on 12th and 13th of April 2019 in New Delhi.

The training was inaugurated by Most Rev. Lumen Monteiro, Chairman Caritas India along with Fr. Paul Moonjely, the executive director, Fr. Jolly, the assist. Executive director and Fr. Sushil, the administrator.   Bishop Lumen in his inaugural message appreciated all the Regional Fora Chairmen and Directors for the joint initiatives of rolling out the strategic plan and the collaboration in this venture. The training sessions took off with an introduction to the Strategic Plan with special focus to Theory of Change (ToC) by Fr. Paul Moonjely followed by the input session on CST as the foundational core value by Fr. Jolly.

The remaining sessions were facilitated by Ms. M. Shimray and Regional Fora Co-Ordinators on Key strategic Pillars coupled with group work on each strategic pillar. Key strategic pillars indicators and targets were discussed, and an action plan made accordingly for follow up.  Caritas India Management decided that there will be follow up meeting with the Regional Fora Co-ordinators after six months for stock taking and sharing of learning.