International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction 2017

The United Nations General Assembly designated October 13th as the date for, “The International Day for Disaster Reduction” to celebrate how people and communities around the world are reducing their exposure to disasters and raising awareness about the importance of reining in the risks that they face.   Since then, the step up campaign for Disaster risk reduction has been an opportunity to encourage every individual, community and government to take part in building more disaster resilient communities and nations.

The 2017 edition continues under the “Sendai Seven” campaign, centered on the seven targets of the Sendai Framework. This year’s focus is Target B: “Reducing the number of affected people by disasters by 2030”

Institutionally, Caritas India has made a substantive progress in last one decade and current context is a mix of positive trends with existing and new emerging challenges. However, unsustainable development with rapid urbanisation and the widening inequalities are creating new risks. This is leading to changing life styles, social structures, social unrest, migrations and development induced displacements, which are adding to pre-existing vulnerabilities like malnutrition and poor sanitation conditions.

Caritas India is committed to building community resilience. On the occasion of the auspicious International day of disaster risk reduction Caritas India launch  the yearlong campaign on 13th October to raise awareness among the communities with the theme of  “Community as solutions to make safer homes”

 Key acti0ns throughout the year.

  • Launch of sticker, poster and video clip on 13th October 12, 2017
  • Each month at least 2000 households are reached with awareness campaign on safer home, and family preparedness.
  • On 13th of each month until 2018 – special drive to reach communities to raise awareness.
  • Hosting two workshops and building coherence towards safer and resilient homes.

Campaign outcome

  • Caritas India and partners will reach 24000 household with campaign materials.
  • Online campaign will reach up to 2.00.000 (approx.) population.
  • Corporate support will be envisaged to build at least 500 safer homes in rural areas.
  • With two workshops stakeholders will be engaged in discussion for coordinated action.
  • Caritas India will come out with Urban DRR strategies and programmers.