Have You Changed the world today

Poverty and environmental destruction can neither be treated separately, nor can they be overcome from the perspective of one country or continent alone. The problems’ fundamental causes are rooted in our unjust and destructive model of prosperity and growth, which is anchored in the global (power) interconnections between politics, business, finance, culture and lifestyles.

In the encyclical ‘Laudato Si’, Pope Francis appeals to us to strengthen our trust in the power of human interaction and to involve the whole human family in seeking sustainable and integral development in our ‘common home’ (LS 13).

It is envisaged that the joint Lenten Campaign 2018, people from India will join this journey to stop at a number of points and see many things along the way: people who live on the streets in extreme poverty, villages that are taking their development into their own hands, successful companies, new middle classes, religions that have existed for millennia, tea plantations, Indian priests and men and women religious in our parishes in Germany … the path will not always be straight and smooth; it will have its twists and turns.

With the Lenten Campaign 2018, we would like to join forces by inviting a wide audience to participate in a dialogue on our contribution to improving quality of life in India and worldwide. The Lenten Campaigns in India is a joint reflection, repentance, fasting and liberating ourselves from worldly things will help many people – as well as ourselves – improve and gain quality of life.

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