The Exhibition on Food Sovereignty Opens the World of Organic Products

Exhibitors displayed range of minor-major millet seeds, grains, uncultivated vegetables, dry vegetables, herbal medicines, fruits, forest produce at the pavilion organized during the programme review of Saksham.

The programme aimed at strengthening the existing agriculture is able to revive traditional agriculture systems for steady food supply for tribal communities. It was the third and final Saksham programme review of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty programme ‘Saksham’ on October 25-26, 2018 at Bhopal where partner organizations ANWC-Bhopal, IDSSS-Indore, JDSSS-Jabalpur, KSWS-Ujjain, GCSS-Gwalior, PRAGATI-Jhabua, MVSS-Sagar and SSSS-Satna showcased the results of sixteen months achievements and results.

All the partner organizations could revive the cultivation of minor millets and some of the perennial vegetables which were once upon a time the communities used to cultivate and consume from their homely platter.

IEC materials including leaflets, brochures, banners, booklets, photo collage etc developed by the partners were displayed on programme registers, organic preparations like organic manure, organic pesticides, vermin-compost, model plots of mixed cropping, multi cropping, models of bio-gas unit-Deenbandhu model, vermin-compost pit, Kothi (seed bank/ grain bank), cow shed etc. along with local varieties of millets, vegetables, INM and IPM products.

Taking learning from the exhibition and the presentations made by the partners, Dr. Saju, Zonal Manager – West asked the participants to discuss on 2 or 3 points which each team thinks it would be beneficial to work on during the extended period. The teams proposed 30 points or innovative ideas which could be incorporated into the follow up programme.

Mr. K.A. Sebastian, State Officer and Mr. Soju Mathew, Finance Officer shared their field experience gained during accompaniment visits. The participants made shared their evaluation of the programme. The entire programme was facilitated by Dr. Saju, ZM with the support of Mr. Soju Mathew, Finance Officer and Mr. K.A. Sebastian, State Officer.