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TIMELINE: 2017-2018

Caritas India with the support from Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund (SCIAF) initiated ‘Swaraksha’, an Indo-Nepal Cross Border Anti-Human Trafficking program to combat human trafficking. The program focuses its activities based on prevention, protection, prosecution and partnership at 25 bordering villages in Maharajganj, Behariach, Gorakhpur Districts and 5 slums of Lucknow. Swaraksha AHT Program is closely working with schools, communities, border police, railway police, transport departments, CWC, ChildLine, shelter home, government departments and NGOs to create awareness and sensitise all citizens to raise their voice against human trafficking.

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Women, Youth and children, live a dignified life free from human trafficking, accessing their rights and entitlements.

  • Outcome 1 : Prevention of Human Trafficking: in 30 villages and 3 major towns there is increased action by villagers and stakeholders to prevent human trafficking. Total direct beneficiaries 10,161 (F5349) children 2066 (F1006).
  • Outcome 2 : Protection: Protection of victims of trafficking through identification, rescue, rehabilitation and restoration with the family or community; Total direct beneficiaries 1201 (no estimated female numbers) will record during programme period.
  • Outcome 3 : Cooperation of Stakeholders at Indo Nepal border areas to provide appropriate and comprehensive direct assistance to VoT and influence AHT Government policy and law: Total direct beneficiaries 34 no estimated female numbers will record during program period.


The program is able to form 30 women SHG groups, 30 youth groups, 31 child parliaments and 11 children clubs in schools.