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TIMELINE: Duration: 2 Years; Date of Inception: 4th January 2018; Date of End: 31st March 2020 (GB Data format)

About the Program: The Hindi word “Samrriddhi” refers for Prosperity. The project was conceptualized for bringing prosperity to the women farmers living in most diverse conditions in Barmer district. We aimed at increased upto 30% increase in agriculture and livestock production through promotion of organic and improved farming, dry-land farming and improved livestock management practices.

Implementing Partners Organization: RCDSS

Geographical Reach: Rajasthan, District Barmer

Demographic Reach:

Sl. No Content Total
1 Total Number of States 1
2 Total Number of villages 9
3 Total Number of GP’S 3
4 Total Number of Blocks 1
5 Total Number of Districts 1
6 Total Covered Population 6167
7 Total Households 968
8 Male & Female (population) 3190 & 2977
9 SC & ST Population 299 & 50 (By report) / 4477 & 493 (By GB Data)

Highlights of the Programme:

  • 60 Women Farmers are enrolled in tailoring training centers, got training and sewing machines free of cost from Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Barmer.
  • Visibility of project through local newspaper and Radio Station was increased that helped the community and the project to connect with likeminded organization and government departments.
  • 22 Farmers were invited and participated in KishanGoshthi (Farmer’s Conference) to exchange their learning and validate it with the technology and science.
  • 12 Women Farmers of Self-Help Groups were enrolled in Weaver’s Training and enhance their skills to add on values and income.
  • Training on livestock Management: 97 Farmers have improved their livestock management practices having been trained on feeding and disease control measures.
  • Vaccination Camp: Total 6002 cattle got vaccinated in 11 camps through veterinary department, 850 owners of these cattle have adopted this regular vaccination by learning its importance in coping up major risk of loss of livestock.
  • Community (131 Women and 317 Male) are organized in 9 farmers clubs and 9 Self Help Groups. They conducted regular monthly meetings, discuss their issues and take decision on project activities and planning.
  • Effective liaison has been established with NABARD, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, and Animal Husbandry Department.


  • 22 Women farmers adopts horticulture plantation with drip irrigation system to cope up with water scarcity in farms. They grow fruit plants with a very small amount of water they have with support of drip irrigation.
  • Visible downfall in animal death ratio after completion of vaccination camp for livestock.
  • A visible decrease in cattle loss have been observed the farmers and these camps are being regularized by the department now.
  • 182 farmers have initiated practices of organic farming by producing vermin compost, Jeevamrit, Dashparni Ark and Azola etc. as alternate inputs for fertilize the land, growth promoters and pest management.
  • Horticulture plantation is initiated by the 18 women farmers to have sustainable income through government and local resources.
  • More than 120 farmers adopted the practice of application AMRITJAL (Organic Pesticide).