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TIMELINE: Date of Inception:

Saksham Madhya Pradesh: Duration 2 Years; Date of Inception: July 2017; Date of End: July 2019
Saksham Uttar Pradesh & UK: Duration 2 Years; Date of Inception: July 2017; Date of End: April 2019 (dates need to be checked)
Saksham Bihar: Duration 2 Years; Date of Inception: April 2019; Date of End: March 2021

About the Program: The programme is incepted in the state of Bihar, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh focusing 313 villages in districts of above-mentioned states.

The programme motive is to:

  • Building Climate Change Resilience of Marginalized Communities, with a cluster programme approach, for protecting the livelihoods and food supply of smallholder farmers from the vagaries of climate change.
  • Ensuring their livelihood security and food security.
  • The programme also focuses on strengthening of governance at village/ panchayat level.
  • And at the same time making the Gram panchayat more accountable towards its people.

Madhya Pradesh: aims at strengthening the existing agriculture besides reviving traditional agriculture systems for ensuring steady food supply for communities. The primary focused group is tribal communities.

Bihar, UP & Rajasthan: the programme aim is to be focused on community development program with an application of People led Empowerment/Development, resource mobilization and volunteerism. Under the program umbrella the communities as well and implanting partners were actively involved in the planning process with a new approach and methodology to implement the program.

Implementing Partners:
Madhya Pradesh: 8 Partners
Bihar: 03, 1. Buxar (BUDSSS), 2. Bihar Water development society (Patna), 3. Bettiah social service society
Uttar Pradesh & Rajasthan: 8 Partners

Geographical Reach:
Madhya Pradesh, 9 districts
Bihar: Ramnagar Block, West Champaran, Buxar block, Buxar and Ariyariin Sheikpura
Uttarakhand,UP & Rajasthan: 14 districts, 12 blocks, 66 gram panchayat and 183 villages

Demographic Reach:

Sl. No Content Bihar Uttar Pradesh & UK & Rajasthan Madhya Pradesh Total
1 Total Number of villages 46 106 & 77
2 Total Number of Gram Panchayat 13 66
3 Total Number of Blocks 3 12
4 Total Number of Districts 3 8 & 6 9
5 Total Covered Population 118652 165079
6 Total Households 24546 21421 24500
7 Male & Female (population) 62298 & 56354 84525 & 80554

Highlights of the Programme:

  • In Madhya Pradesh sustainable agriculture practices have got a boost and a special effort is being made for the promotion of minor millets.
  • Identifying malnourished children and connecting them with government services and Linking communities with the benefits of government schemes related to food security.
  • Strengthening women farmers’ collectives and training them on sustainable agriculture practices.
  • Strengthening Bal Sansad and enrolling more children in the Children’s Parliament.
  • Linkages of communities with the benefits of government schemes related to food security.
  • Panchayat level Intervention: The project has the systematic knowledge of target villages and Panchayats. And assured the participation of wage laborer’s, marginal farmers, SHG members and poor people in the meetings.
  • Rights & Entitlements: The program is trying to reach out the maximum benefit to our target people in following provisions like work in MNREGA, ration from PDS shop and other Government benefits.
  • Food Security Initiatives (Food Governance- Entitlements): The main focus is to reduce the input cost of agricultural by the farmers. Programme is motivating the farmers through the activities by using of the following components such as breeder seed, Aadhar seed, certified traditional seed from seed bank, process of seed treatment, organic manure, organic farming systems etc. to increase the yield and reduce the input cost.
  • Healthy Food and Nutrition: The programme is providing the knowledge sharing training programs like Horticulture & Kitchen gardening on micro nutrients by cultivation of different types of vegetables.
  • Livelihood: The training and Promotion on Income Generation Activities are being provided to CBO members and other wage laborers and the linkages with the bank, JEEVIKA and other financial institutions.

Implementing Partner:

  • 400-meter CC road constructed through community effort.
  • 54 families started collecting forest products and earn Rs. 2500- 3000 per month.
  • 62 malnourished children received proper nutrition from organization and ICDS.
  • 345 farmers have applied for KisanSamman Nidhi scheme.
  • 78 women farmers restarted kitchen garden with vegetables suited summer season.


  • Around 2.32 Acres of land of 27 small farmers have brought under cultivation with organic fertilizers.
  • 13 Water Conservation Model (Water tank) constructed under NREGA in Baruna, Diha and Chaurdargah Panchayats through project intervention.
  • 27 out of 109 laborers have received labor cards to purchase their equipment for work.
  • 33out of 69 micro plans of Saksham approved by G.S. and work completed during Financial Year 2018 – 2019.
  • 9 farmers have received subsidized loan from Gramin Bank and constructed vermy compost pit/units with technical support from Saksham team.
  • 67 families have benefited from Social Security Schemes.
  • Enrolment of 30 Lactating mothers &pregnant women at ICDS Centres.