Roshni- Educational Empowerment of Musahar Girls in Bihar


According to Census 2001 and 2011, literacy rates in Bihar remains amongst the lowest in the country, wherein the Musahar community has shown the lowest literacy level at 3.9% for female literacy. The Musahar community is a highly discriminated and excluded community within Dalits. This has forced them to live away from the main village centres, away from the general population. They have the lowest literacy rate among the Dalits at 6.88 per cent, followed by the lowest for women at 1.43 per cent (Census 2011). Attendance rate falls to 10% at the secondary school level. Caritas India reached the target areas with programmes focusing early childhood education reaching the elementary level; life skill development, and vocational education.Responding to this grim situation, project “Roshni” meaning light, educationally empower the Musahar girls.

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