Planning for performance is the key to effective and efficient performance

The 4th Staff Development Program (SDP) based on Performance Management revolved around this pivotal idea and aimed at driving home the point that managing one’s performance is the key to a successful performer. The 3-day residential programme started with an inaugural message by Fr Paul, ED exhorting all participating Officers to not be satisfied at being just a performer but to strive and push oneself to be a contributor and an achiever through value-based performance.

The first two days of the SDP had numerous input sessions based on self and group exercises to impart learnings on articulating individual performance plans based on SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Result-oriented and Timebound) and Key Performance Indicators to ensure planning and assessment of performance against tangible results. The programme also covered the finer nuances in the performance appraisal dialogue and feedback through role plays. The last day inputs dwelt on the need for developing self-plan for continuous learning and creating a performance-oriented work ethic

During the SDP training, an understanding of the current system of performance appraisal and feedback was also given followed by group sharing on the challenges faced and possible solutions for strengthening the overall Performance Management System (PMS) within CI. The ED had another session with the participants on the concluding day which spelt out the specific values expected of a conscientious employee of CI. He also shared the idea on re-imagining the current performance parameters and shift to re-imaging performances that are in sync with the CI Key Strategic Pillars. The learnings from the SDP 4 in terms of improving performance reporting and feedback will be taken up vigorously in the upcoming Managers’ Meet 2019.

The program had the participation of 36 CI Officers from various locations and was facilitated by Mr Kushal Neogy. It was held from 10th – 12th December 2019 at the Navjeevan Renewal Centre, Delhi.