JEEVIKA-a community based and managed approach for sustainable livelihoods


TIMELINE: September 2012- November 2015

Madhya Pradesh is home to a large tribal population that has been largely cut-off from the mainstream development or affected by unwelcomes development initiatives. The Scheduled Tribes constitute a significant portion of the population of the state. JEEVIKA focusses on sustainable on- farm livelihood and organic farming to address the issues of distress migration and food insecurity. Linkages are built with public entitlements in in 104 villages of seven tribal districts. The programme also aims at empowering the communities and strengthening governance institutions and systems to deliver to the tribal community.


104 villages across eleven administrative blocks of 7 districts in Madhya Pradesh, viz.,

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Together, the awareness creation, trainings and interfaces with the government have enabled the community members to secure wide-ranging entitlements, as follows:

  • 3259 HHs have job card under MGNREGA
  • 547 HHs got 100 days job under MGNREGA
  • 4974 HHs have received 100% wages
  • 215 widows have received widow pension.
  • 829 persons have received disability pension
  • 923 HHs have received assistance under Indira Awas Yojana andMukhya Mantri Kanyadan Yojna
  • 2067 HHs have received provisions under the Public Distribution System
  • 1400 farmers yielded 100% organic produce in an acre of land
  • 56% participation of women secured in the Gram Sabhas
  • 55 Micro-plans approved by theGram Panchayats