Consultative Workshop on PDRA Analysis Reporting and Community Planning

As part of the “Building Resilient Communities in Floods and Landslide Affected Communities in Kerala” a one-day Consultative Workshop was organized on 4th November 2019 at Caritas India State Office, Kerala. The workshop envisaged for the capacitation of the staff of partner organization and optimal utilization of available human resources for the programme.  The training program was started by an opening prayer, followed by the introduction of state program manager Mrs. Sobha Jose. 7 DRR Project Coordinators who attended the CDMRR Workshop, Delhi in October along with 3 other coordinators were the participants for the workshop.

Ms. Larina Fernandes took the lead for the workshop. She explained how a community becomes resilient if the community can manage the disaster and the hazard, that community its self can be called a resilient community. If the community is not able to face the hazard, then it needs to build it as a resilient community to come up from the disaster. So here we focus on creating the community as resilient.

The concept of disaster crunch and disaster release models were explained by Larina with the help of pictures & charts. She also explained the resilient framework which includes the elements, and its importance of including all the elements in a resilient framework. As the session moved on the interaction and the response during the session were quite optimistic, the coordinators are enthusiastically participating in the program and even in the sessions.

The workshop concluded by 4.30 pm. The entire workshop resulted in clarifications among the coordinators on DRR thematic & technical tools. The trained coordinators were divided into 3 groups and the team will train the rest of the partners coordinators in cluster under the guidance of CI Program Staff on PDRA Analysis as well as community planning. The action planning for the coming months also formulated along with the project coordinators.