Caritas Samaritans: Let’s spread warmth this Christmas!

Delhi winters for most of us is about snuggling in the blankets but it is not the same for children on the streets. Little children on streets on the national capital is a common view. There is no better gift than providing warm clothing to the needy during winter season. Lakhs of homeless experience bitterness of winter and are at a great risk of suffering from severe illnesses. The rise in air pollution levels and the early onset of winter this year have made them vulnerable, but at the same time it has given Caritas Samaritans an opportunity to serve humanity.

Caritas Samaritans are people and teams committed to engage in favour of people in situations of vulnerability and social exclusion and who work and encourage their group, using a liberating methodology. Caritas India believes its volunteers are people who work in a joint effort; coexist in solidarity, seeking unity, respecting and valuing differences; dialogue and goodwill. They are prophetic people committed and engaged in changing the culture of dominion and the unjust structures of society.

Delhi Caritas Samaritans conducted the blanket drive on 21st December 2019, through which they reached out to tiny tots on the streets. The volunteers selected New Delhi railway station and inner circle of Connaught place as the location to conduct the drive. Through this initiative, Caritas Samaritans reached out to 150 homeless children on the streets. The joy and happiness reflected from the children’s faces motivated the volunteers to conduct the drive again in the month of January 2020.

Caritas India also encourages other young and adults to join the brigade of Caritas Samaritans as volunteers, as they act as a driving force as animators of process of organisation and mobilisation towards social transformation.