Caritas India installed water filers in 10 most flood-affected villages of Assam

Every year, floods create havoc in the state of Assam and negatively impact the overall development of the state. This year too, 7304673 population was affected in 32 districts by the flood. During floods, most of the water sources become contaminated due to waterlogging.

Safe drinking water is an indispensable need to maintain a healthy life. The floodwater is finally receded, but the thousands of people are marooned from this precious gift of nature and forced to consume contaminated water. Caritas India has recently done a holistic work by providing safe drinking water through installation Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane water filter within 10 most flood-affected villages situated under Nowboicha and Telahi Block, Lakhimpur, Assam based on proper baseline survey.

The current Ultrafiltration membrane water filter Kill and Removes all the Bacteria and Viruses from the Water and can work with Normal Tap Water Pressure. One of the reasons for selecting this water filter is that it can work even with Dirty Turbid Water.

Most of the villages suffer from low-level income, education, hygiene, fundamental needs, etc. The people are not aware of safe drinking water and collect water from the cachha well, pond, tube well, river, etc. They use traditional sand filter to clean the water for consumption but fall prey to water-borne diseases like diarrhea, vomiting, and cholera. They have no idea about causes of communicable diseases, pathogenic micro-organisms that are transmitted in water.

A team of Caritas India has conducted Water Sanitation and Hygiene promotion in the villages to provide awareness and orientation on the healthy hygiene practices in daily life.

After the installation of 10 filters in the villages, the reflection of the people was so good in general term. They are very happy to receive this water filter because now they can easily collect safe drinking water for all family members, especially for their children. So, all the parents give a lot thanks to Caritas India for this good job.

Mitali Mili from pub putabil shares that,I am a housewife and belong from a joint family. It was so hard to work for me to collect the water for drinking purpose for all. In our village, the water for daily use is not good. We have to need using a sand filter to reduce the level of turbidity and iron. After installation of this filter, I feel very happy. It will reduce my time and effort and also easily accessible. I hope it will help to reduce the causes of water-borne diseases (diarrhea). We are affected by the flood every year suffers to access safe drinking water. Installation this filter was much needed in our village. The thanked Caritas India for providing this most essential support for sustenance.”