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TIMELINE: Duration: 1st September 2018 – 30th August 2020.

The project is being implemented in 02 District of Northern Bihar (Bhagalpur and Supaul) Covering two major flood plain Ganges and Koshi. In Ganges flood plain, we with our Bhagalpur partners (BSSSS) Implementing in two Blocks Kahalgaon and Nath Nagar covering 10 wards. Near Koshi we are implementing the Project in Supaul with Muzaffarpur partner (MDSSS) covering 10 wards. Altogether the said project is going on in 20 wards. Almost every year Disaster destroy agricultural, livestock and fishing assets, inputs and production capacity. Floods in Supaul interrupt market access, trade and food supply, reduce income, deplete savings and erode livelihoods. In the said programme the programme focus is on livelihood intervention and is being implemented with the overreaching approach of disaster risk reduction because of multihazard profile of targeted area.

The efforts are being focus on promoting indigenous knowledge and coping mechanisms, strengthening resilience of the communities, mainstreaming DRR etc. The areas posses’ vulnerability to different hazards – like flood, drought, thunder & lightning etc. Flood in the region is the annual feature and its grasps the major attention of different stakeholders. The flood has caused large devastation including deaths of human and livestock accompanied with other infrastructural loss. Linkage building activities for entitlement has been initiated to mobilize Government resources.

Implementing Partners: Bhagalpur Social service society (BSSSS), Muzaffarpur Diocesan social service society (MDSSS).

Geographical Reach:State Bihar, Northern Part of Bihar. Districts 1. Bhagalpur & 2. Supaul.

Demographic Reach:

Sl. No Content Total
1 Total Number of States 1
2 Total Number of villages 20
3 Total Number of GP’S 10
4 Total Number of Blocks 2
5 Total Number of Districts 2
6 Total covered Population 15339
7 Total Households 3403
8 Male & Female (population) 7992 & 7347

Highlights of the Program:

  • 1. 24 Peace Clubs are formed in 24 schools (12 govt. schools in each district) and all are functioning effectively.
  • 2. Peace Clubs (at school level) are taking peace building initiatives in their respective schools and among their families.
  • 3. 480 peace cadres are formed in 24 villages (12 village in each district – Saharanpur and Muzaffarnagar) at the community level comprising of Key influential leaders of the community.
  • 4. Peace building initiative to prevent peace emergencies are being taken up by the Citizens Forum in the area by building public opinion, influencing media and other such measures.
  • 5. Linkages are established with govt. officials, political and religious leaders, like minded organizations, village leaders, media representatives and the community.
  • 6. Collective action by Citizens Forum is being taken to promote peace in the region.
  • 7. CBO members are aware on PRI committees and importance of participation in Gram Sabha and preparing micro plan.
  • 8. PRIs members are aware on PRI committee, importance of participatory Gram Sabha and preparing micro-plan along with their role and responsibility.
  • 9. Wash related initiatives are being implemented in the target communities through collective action.