Be a Caritas Volunteer

Caritas India believes in the power of volunteering as a powerful and practical way to reach out to the most marginalized sections and reduce poverty and inequality in the world. A sustainable change possible only when people step forward – either as local or national citizens.


Volunteers were engaged with Caritas India since its first intervention and have been involved in different capacities in our program interventions. Being one of the important pillars of our strategic plan, we are enabling people and the communities to play a more active role in development by volunteering, the essential pre-conditions for systemic and sustainable change such as ownership, participation, empowerment, and inclusion.


“Be a Caritas Volunteer”, is calling to contribute to making the communities more resilient against different types of calamities and stress. Caritas India calls people from different walks of life with their gifts and capacities to perform important tasks in the diaconal work. Most of the volunteers see a deep connection between their faith and their service and it is their faith that prompts them for diaconal work. Hence, volunteerism is not seen just as a token of service but a fundamental option, a way of life, that leads to self-sacrifice which can result in a total denial of oneself for a supreme purpose. Common citizens are capable and willing to the diaconal work.


Caritas India is inviting eminent guests who will share their experiences and thoughts on volunteering for campaigns, emergencies, child development, and environmental issues. The event will also enroll new volunteers to Caritas India and plan their way forward.


Join us on December 15, 2018, as we celebrate the moment of International Volunteer Day to acknowledge the spirit of volunteering by igniting the young minds towards this effective tool of reaching out to the marginalized community.


Be a Caritas Volunteer by enrolling to I am Caritas Form


For more information about the celebration follow @CaritasIndia


Date – 15th December 2018
Venue – Yusuf Sadan, Gole Dak Khana, New Delhi 110001
Time – 2 pm