A dialogue for Solidarity and Action

Caritas India and World Vision India invited the NGOs of the state to build a strong network to protect the rights of the children in Uttar Pradesh. 25 representatives from different organisations like UNICEF, Save the Children, Plan India, Action Aid, ChildLine, Safe Society, Hum Foundation, Mann Foundation, and legal experts were part of this meeting. It was decided to form a consortium to especially focus on child protection in the state.

The meeting began by sharing the flaws and gaps in the implementation of laws and policies to protect children. In terms of Child protection, Uttar Pradesh is very vulnerable, and it was felt that the organizations have to come together to ensure the rights of the children in the state.

It was also an opportunity for Caritas India to share her work in promoting the rights of children in the state and across the country. The participants came up with some suggestions for the consortium and decided to draft the action plan and network validation form for the smooth functioning of the network.

At the end of the meeting the participants welcomed the call to come together against child abuse and exploitation and work towards upholding the rights of children.

Some of the feedback and suggestion which came up are: –

  • A joint conclave or Workshop to be organized with important stakeholders to start the intervention of this Network.
  • Consider the virtual meetings to maintain the
  • Nascent NGOs should be strengthened
  • Forum to focus on the whole state rather than just confined to the same city
  • The communication Process must be well established for Prompt responses.
  • The volunteerism aspect can be added to this network across the state for more actions.
  • Challenges and gaps in handling the Child-related cases to be addressed through the pressure group.
  • Capacity building of the stakeholders to be considered.
  • Involvement of media and CBOs.